Common Seamless Questions

  1. Seamless doesn't seem to be available anymore. What happened?

    1. Apple breakingly removed a component from iOS that Seamless used to allow for iPhone<->Mac communication. We can work around it, but it'll take some time. Sorry!

  2. Does Seamless transition more than just music? How about podcasts, or audiobooks?

    1. Yes, absolutely! Seamless can transition any audio you've got in both iTunes and on your iPhone or iPod touch.

  3. When I open Seamless, it says "Song Not Available. Try Syncing with iTunes." What does this mean?

    1. To let you take your music to go, the music (or podcast, audiobook, etc.) you'd like to transition must be present in both iTunes on your Mac and on your iPhone/iPod touch as well.

      If you just purchased a song on your Mac and haven't sync'd it back to your iPhone/iPod touch (or vice versa) yet, you need to sync before you can transition that song with Seamless.

  4. There's a lag when I transition music. How can I fix it?

    1. Due to an underlying hardware issue with the iPhone and iPod touch, having Bluetooth enabled can cause interference with Wi-Fi connections. If you're experiencing a lag or delay when connecting to your Mac or transition music, disable Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPod touch.

  5. I'd love to use Seamless, but I have a PC with Windows. Do you have any plans to support Windows?

    1. While we appreciate that the need to rock on is universal, we have no plans to support Windows. You owe it to yourself to buy a Mac, anyway.

  6. Can I hide the Seamless for Mac menu bar item?

    1. Seamless (v1.1 and later) adds a hidden preference to disable the menu bar item. This preference is only recommended for users who would know how to quit Seamless without the menu bar item.

      To disable the menu bar item, open Terminal and run the following command:

      1. defaults write com.fivedetails.mac.Seamless DisableMenuItem -boolean YES

      To re-enable the menu bar item, run the following command:

      1. defaults write com.fivedetails.mac.Seamless DisableMenuItem -boolean NO

      After either of these commands, relaunch Seamless for Mac.