Common Flow Questions

  1. $5?! Why is Flow so cheap?

    1. It didn't used to be! Today, however, Flow is offered at a substantially discounted price because it's not actively developed or supported anymore. It was a tough decision, but after 6 years of development, it was time to move on to other projects. That said, tens of thousands of people (including ourselves) use Flow daily, so its continued operation will almost certainly be maintained going forward. Just don't expect any fancy new features.

  2. Does Flow support FTPS or FTPES?

    1. No, Flow does not support either FTPS or FTPES. We haven't seen much real-world demand for FTPS/FTPES, so we recommend SFTP for secure connections to your server.

  3. When I connect to my server, I get a "Failed Parsing Directory Listing" error. Why doesn't Flow work with my server?

    1. Flow supports many of the common (and some not so common) formats of directory listings that FTP and SFTP servers use. Unfortunately, this message means your server doesn't use one of these supported directory listings. E-mail us and we'll give you an automagical terminal command to add support for your server instantly.

  4. Do you offer an education discount for students or teachers?

    1. Sorry, no, we don't offer any sort of educational discounts. We feel that Flow is priced quite reasonably, and any traditional discount (10-15%) would be negligible.

  5. I bought a new Mac and want to transfer my bookmarks. How do I do this?

    1. Flow's bookmarks file is located at ~/Library/Application Support/Flow/Bookmarks.plist. Copy this file to the same location on your new Mac, and your bookmarks will be transferred.

    2. (Note that because Flow stores your passwords securely in the system Keychain, your passwords will not be transferred to your new Mac. You'll have to edit each bookmark to re-add the password, or import your keychain to your new Mac).

  6. Can I import my bookmarks from other FTP clients into Flow?

    1. Absolutely; Flow supports importing bookmarks from both Transmit and Cyberduck. Just select "Import Bookmarks…" from the "Bookmarks" menu after launching Flow.